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by Juralph G 12/07/2023

by Anuhea A 12/05/2023

by CHELSIE EUNICE C 12/04/2023

by Mia T 11/28/2023

by joshua m 11/28/2023

by Abdallah A 11/26/2023

by Lorenz Adrian E 11/24/2023

by Bailey D 11/10/2023

by Eric Salamanca, Energy Analyst, Energy and Utilities Department, Turks and Caicos Islan... 11/07/2023

I appreciate this course, as it is very informative especially so that my background is in environment but transitioning to renewable energy. Thank you so much Sir.

by Drew D 11/06/2023

by Scott L 11/02/2023

by John S 10/31/2023

by Ashutosh T 10/23/2023

by Mi Tutoria V 10/23/2023

by Jesse Delgado 10/22/2023

this section is a ' real eye opener ' explaining battery capacity and functionality in the relation to the types of batteries being used and in relation to variation of the use of different types of batteries in a wide range of scenarios.

by Alessandra B 10/05/2023

by Charles Nunya D 10/05/2023

by James C 10/04/2023

by Jeremiah L 10/04/2023

by Morgan M 09/23/2023

by Andrew R 09/22/2023

by Sean C 09/21/2023

by Alex A 09/20/2023

by Seth V 09/19/2023

by Ing. Edward Torkornoo 09/15/2023

I enjoyed the demonstrations, pictures, etc that he used to show us the real world use of these concepts. Well organized and clearly presented

by Courtney C 09/15/2023

by Edgardo Jr. B 09/14/2023

by Susan C 09/13/2023

by Adwoa Agyeiwaa A 09/12/2023

by David V 09/11/2023

by Luis G 09/11/2023

by Jesus Dennis C 09/06/2023

by Aldo G 08/29/2023

by Gajalakshmi B 08/23/2023

by RJ C 08/20/2023

by Joseph E 08/17/2023

by Steven L 08/15/2023

by Andrew A 08/12/2023

by Jason R 08/07/2023

by David G 08/03/2023

by Ebraheem A 08/02/2023

by Neeraj S 07/28/2023

by Mark L 07/26/2023

by Muhammad Sadiq K 07/24/2023

by Lisa S 07/21/2023

by Siddharth T 07/19/2023

by Asiru A 07/18/2023

by Amanda H 07/12/2023

by Brick M 07/11/2023

by Lawrence C 07/08/2023

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