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As a manager for a Community Action Agency, I direct most staff members towards this course to get a better understanding of ASHRAE requirements within the WAP program

Darrell Oakley
Housing Manager, Community Action of Allegan County

Being new to the Ventilation industry, this course provided the knowledge to have meaningful conversations with others more experienced. Also, it brought a real awareness of the health risks caused by stale indoor air and straightforward solutions to improve our quality of life.

Mike Devore
Engineering Manager, Greenheck

I have been in weatherization for over 2 1/2 yrs and have been designing and installing ventilation systems and i thought i needed to learn more. This was the perfect course for me since i have already been using the free red calc tools. It helped me learn more of the tools that i did not know would be a great help in my work.

Vernie Hellmann
Weatherization Systems technician/ Energy Auditor , Jefferson Franklin Action Corporation

I'm very pleased to take this important course. I haven't been doing an Energy Weatherization Audit for few years and it was to the point and refreshing. The website is updated and all those new tools are so awesome. Hopefully, I will make your website too busy for this year and years to come.

Senai Hagos
Energy Auditor / QA Inspector, DOEE

Awesome class learned a lot and found much more information that I needed and clarified lots of questions I had. The online tools are new to me so having them is very helpful. Thank you.

Jaime Soto

Highly recommended to anyone that works in the weatherization program.

Cheng Vang
Assessor/Inspector, Fresno Economic Opportunity Commission

A very comprehensive and thorough overview of ASHRAE 62.2. I had pretty good understanding of the importance of ventilation and IAQ and this course certainly reinforced that view point and gave me new talking points when interacting with clients. The ASHRAE 62.2 standard was always something I had trouble wrapping my mind around. The way Rick presented the calculations and install strategies in the course will certainly stick with me. His RED tools are also awesome and something I will certainly incorporate into my business.

Jeff Pello

You need to know about venting and the right way this is the course to take. You will not regret, all of your question will be answer.

Mohammed Hussain
Energy Auditor, Hanac Inc

The course is very informative and it shows how much more learning, educating and implementation is needed in the field. Thanks for the direction to the tools available and the resources.

Keith Bernard
Quality Control Inspector, Hanac Weatherization

This course was a great way to simplify the seemingly complex and make it understandable! Thanks!

Lee Newton
Owner, Newton Properties, L.L.C.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the course. If i was stuck on one chapter i was able to move onto the next.

Larry Fitch III
Housing Specialist , Community Action Allegan

The information that was new to me was highly relevant and helpful toward my objectives in taking the course. The instructor was quick to reply via the discussion boards and email, and his feedback was always helpful. I know I will be referring back to the course materials in the future as I apply the course to my work in residential energy efficiency.

Eric Wheeler
Home Energy Advisor, Opportunity Council

I thoroughly enjoyed the course! I like being able to take things at my own pace and that's exactly what you can do here. Having to be out in the field outside of training, this online training is more flexible in that I can sit down for an hour or so and make some good progress. The course is readily available to look at and watch again at all times during the training and even for a year after it's finished! This makes it very convenient if I was unclear about a topic or needed something defined again for the work I was doing. Rick Karg was very good in responding to questions asked and added very helpful information to discussions or work submitted.

Austen Parsons
Housing Services Specialist, Community Action of Allegan

I have been involved in this field for over forty years, done over 13,000 audits, fixed over 3,000 homes,trained utility staff and mentored other auditors. The format and content of this course was the best online experience I have taken. Highly endorse and recommend this course for those needing a clear understanding of complicated subject.

Guy Caroselli
Home Performnace Manager, Bradley Mechanical

I really enjoyed this course. I was able to ask questions and get answers easily.

Sydney Lambert
Supervisor, Kalamazoo Michigan Weatherization Program

This course will give you the knowledge base and practice to effectively evaluate a home's need for ventilation.

Jamie Fereday
Energy Analyst, Sol Coast Consulting & Design

I enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone who has questions on how to meet the ashrae requirements for new or existing homes.

Randy Ellis
Energy Services Specialist, Texoma Council of Government
Jonathan W

I would recommend this course to anyone still confused with Ashrae and Red Calc when Ahsrae began it was a big learning curve for all of us and I think courses like this will help people understand more of how important it is.

Jay Rezendes
Auditor/Inspector, Citizens for Citizens

I recommend this course for anyone who is either professionally interested or obligated to understand and implement the residential ventilation standard developed by the ASHRAE committee.

Nathan Farris
Energy Craft

This is a great course! Learn in detail why and how to ventilate homes. Plan to recommend this course to all my BPI Building Analyst students.

David Leatherwood C.E.M
President, Intelepoint LLC

This is a must for anyone in the Weatherization Field

Doug Carlson
Program Director, Five County AOG

I enjoyed this course and it gave me a better understanding of ASHRAE 62.2, why it is important, and how to apply it to my specific occupation

Derek Dombrowski
Lead Auditor/ Sales Manager, Total Home Performance

thanks Brian


This course is not just for the installer/contractor, I would recommend this course for anyone who is involved in home ventilation. I am in ventilation manufacturing and I learned a lot that will help me and my company in the future.

Ian Guttridge
Training Manager, Systemair Mfg

the heatspring method is engaging and worthwhile. instructor was knowledgeable and approachable. excellent investment

Michael Salmon
owner, HRM Group, LLC

I have been in the HVAC business for almost 30 years and ventilation was not part of our plan when installing furnaces or air conditioning. We always thought that it was money not well spent but after this class I see we were wrong,

Dave Gross
owner, American Htg Clg Refr Inc

Accessibility to Mr. Karg was immediate. The course was extremely comprehensible. A cornucopia of Ashrae 62.2 venting standards, techniques, equipment and design. A plethora of resources to consider. You will be confident in your knowledge of Ashrae 62.2 after this course.

Travis Harvey

Heat Spring makes it easy to learn. Thank you.

Jennifer Bayeur
Weatherization Auditor, Metropolitan Development Council

I would highly recommend this course to anyone associated with the building science and home performance fields. Lots to learn here. Well put together.

David Watkins
Weatherization Program Coordinator, DuPage County Community Services

I was apprehensive at first, but overall I enjoyed this type of learning experience.

Rod Opp
Energy Conservation Program Coorinatoor, Nebraska Energy Office

Excellent! Great course. Instructor had a very good understanding of material. Focused on areas of ASHREA that are most practical & people in the industry can apply easily.

Curtis Ecklund
Housing Assessor Supervisor, Rural Alaska Community Action Program

Very good course would recommended to others

Rod Burk

I agree with the courses philosopy and the reality that it will be a huge uphill battle to get people to listen.

Jim Denne
Energy Auditor/Quality Control Inspector, Southeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership

Excellent course. Excellent instructor. Very good learning setup.

Ken Feller
Project Manager, Simonson Management Services

This course is a must for anyone needing know how to properly implement 62.2 ventilation standards.

Chad Urie
Energy Auditor / Inspector, South Central Community Action Partnership

This is a great introduction or refresher course for the ASHRAE 62.2 standard - The material and instruction provided a deeper understanding of ASHRAE 62.2 and IAQ.

Patrick Golarz
Residential Energy Specialist, RISE Engineering

If you want to really learn about the ASHRAE 62.2-2013 Ventilation Standards, then I would definitely recommend taking this course, Rick is a Great Instructor!

Brett Young
Housing Assessor, RurAL CAP

As an architectural engineer, certified energy auditor, and certified general appraiser, I would encourage anybody with similar background and experiences to enroll in this outstanding course. This is cutting edge knowledge from the best individual resources.

Richard Sevigny
President, owner, Richard R. Sevigny and Associates

This is the first course I have taken with HeatSpring. I will definitely be looking to see what else they offer in the future. Great Instructor, great information, great course!!!

Bradley Wiesneth
Community Services Manager/Weatherization Coordinator, DuPage County Community Services

This course really "drilled down" into the ASHRAE 62.2-2013 code in regards to how and why it is important. It is more than just getting moisture out of the bathrooms.

Tom Andrews
Owner, Andrews Home Energy Services, LLC

I would highly recommend this course to any body who has used ASRAE calculations in the past or present. I wish I had the opportunity to take this course a decade ago as it explains things very clearly. Thank you, John Simpson; started out is temp WX worker and now manager for Anchorage and Juneau WX programs. Wow how 20 years can fly by :)

John Simpson
WX Manager, Rural Cap

Jonathan Pierson
Housing Assessor, Rural CAP

This course was excellent, a real wake up call to the dynamics and importance of ventilation. Mark Lyman

Mark Lyman
Weatherization Manager, Rural Alaska Community Action Program

I definitely know more about ASHRAE6.2 2013 than I did before I took the class but more importantly I appreciate the reasoning behind the standard. ASHRAE is the minimum but not necessarily best practice.

Tim Ecklund
BPI QCI & Building Analyst, Rural Cap
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Matt R
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