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by Judson B 02/22/2021

by Ralph Mueller 11/25/2022

If you really want to install AWHPs, Hydronic heating and cooling systems professionally, to industry standards? You need to take this course. John is an excellent instructor; he is very thorough in explaining the fundamentals of these Hydronic systems from start to finish R. Mueller Plumber, Gasfitter, Boiler Service Technician

by Jeff Manney 05/03/2018

Application of Air to Water Heat Pumps for Hydronic Heating & Cooling is a superbly thorough and advanced training course that informs attendees how to properly design/install cutting edge centralized heat pump systems. Instructor John Siegenthaler has left no stone unturned.

by TJ H 10/11/2017

by Michael Willburn, President, Infloor Heating Systems 10/04/2017

I would highly recommend taking this course if you have no experience with air to water heat pumps or want to learn more about air to water heat pumps and the advances in the technology and designs. This course has given me a better understanding of air to water heat pumps and the applications in which these systems should be applied for both heating and cooling with low temperature hydronic system.

by Jeremy Young, Inside Sales, Emco Corp #823 06/22/2017

As a distributor and system designer, I've applied air to water heatpumps in a variety of applications., some simple and some incredibly complex. I thought I knew what I was doing until I completed this course! John knows how to convey extremely technical information in accessible ways to those of us without engineering degrees. I learned a lot of useful formulas and have a better understanding of how I can improve my control and piping strategies for even better performance. I would recommend this course to anyone working with air to water heatpumps in modern hydronic systems. Thank you HeatSpring for making this such an accessible platform. Doing this course over a 6-month period on my own schedule was very helpful.

by D Ohlmer 11/12/2016

I take every opportunity to hear johns latest recommendations and observations. Hydronics is an ever evolving area and taking classes like this clearly expose one to the latest, proven options in providing energy efficient solutions.

by Chad Schoppel, Owner, Ambient Air HVAC Designs Inc. 10/27/2016

Excellent Course, John Siegenthaler's experience is top notch and one of the most experienced in North America. His endless knowledge base is key in understanding complex HVAC application. Glad we have courses like this to aid in building knowledge for proper design process.

by Frank Boland, Retro-Commissioning Technician 10/22/2016

Great class! A lot of information presented in an easy to follow/easy to understand format. I found the piping schematics, electrical diagrams, and sequence of operations description for the example air-to-water heat pump systems quite useful.

by Ned Harwood, general contractor, Ned Harwood Construction 10/21/2016

I absorbed a ton (ha) of great information. John Siegenthaler's material has helped guide and improve my business.

by Stewart Jeanes, President, HydroSmart Systems Inc. 10/18/2016


by Don Sorenson, Engineer, SEEALT 10/13/2016

The course provides an excellent introduction to heat pumps in general and more specifically air-to-water heat pumps. It also provides a solid base of application fundamentals and examples backed up by straight forward computational techniques that can/should be reapplied to future designs.

by Gary Socha, President, The Socha Company Inc. 08/30/2016

This course will really dissolve the mystery of how a heat pump works. It also removes the big objection of operation in cold climates.

by Robert B 02/25/2022

by Brian N 02/07/2019

by James K 03/12/2018

by Joshua A 01/04/2017

by Scott B 12/26/2016

by Santiago S 12/16/2016

by Matt S 11/07/2016

by Sean W 10/24/2016

by Robert M 10/22/2016

by Bob A 10/18/2016

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