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by Michael S 03/02/2022

by Ty H 12/07/2021

by Richard Ward 06/11/2021

Knowledgeable and easy to follow instructor, I found the course a helpful introduction to the subject

by P O 03/04/2021

by Craig P 02/25/2021

by dominik b 02/24/2021

by Ralph M 11/23/2020

by Larry R 10/29/2020

by Nick V 10/08/2020

by Ryan K 06/20/2020

by Maria S 06/19/2020

by Shaun J 06/02/2020

by ARIVAZHAGAN M 05/15/2020


by man mohan y 05/15/2020

by Ranjeet K 05/14/2020

by manmohan y 05/06/2020

by KARTHIGA R 04/27/2020

by Augastin S 04/23/2020

by Asha N 04/19/2020

by Dr K Gunasekaran 04/12/2020


by Anna Malai 04/10/2020


by peter sraum 01/29/2020

John S. explains some relatively complicated concepts in a very simple way so anybody can understand what this course is all about.

by Daniel Oliva, Mechanical Engineer, P.E. 01/21/2020

I took this course as a preview of John Siegenthaler's teaching style as I intend to register for the full Hydronic Design course if his teaching style is as good as his book. (I received his book as a Christmas present and was astounded by the level of real world knowledge and information it conveyed, I enjoyed it enough to seek out this course to augment the education it provided). This 1 hour course did not disappoint and I am looking forward to the course in-full.

by Charles L 01/10/2020


go for it , the course is really rich and well explained , you're not going to regret it !

by Pieter H 12/22/2019

by david s 08/14/2019

by Jason J 06/20/2019

by Lonny Wright 06/10/2019

Even from a Hydronic Designers standpoint this material is very educational. John really does a fantastic in depth job at discussing every topic. I recommend this to everyone. Lonny Wright Hydronic Designer Emco Sudbury

by navid bagheri 05/31/2019

Today, the water heating system is becoming increasingly popular and engineers must learn

by j t 05/14/2019

by Joel Nzima 04/06/2019

it is great course to know and study

by Simon Parker 03/16/2019

The course provides good information to gain an understanding of hydraulic separation. John's knowledge and experience is inspiring and the system design diagrams are well detailed. Highly recommended.

by Fathi Mohammed AlGussi 02/17/2019

Importance to take such course

by John S 02/17/2019

by Peter Crabtree, Retired 02/13/2019

As a home owner (non installer) it helped me to visualize how a ground loop heat/cool (all hydronic) system would function without needing a separate air duct system to distribute cold (ac) air.

by Clive C 12/17/2018

by Paul S 07/30/2018

by Giuseppe N 06/05/2018

by Vicente B 05/27/2018

by Steve Sontag, Alternative Energy, Axmen 02/20/2018

If you have the chance to do the course please do. It will become an incredible tool for you in the future.

by Thomas S 01/09/2018

by Kurt H 12/20/2017

by Blake G 11/28/2017

by Shmuel Goldmunzer, Tech, Ultimate plumbing Corp 09/03/2017

Cleared me up on some detail


Powerful and Effective learning

by MADHUMITHA T 03/09/2017

by arthur m 02/18/2017

by Richard Z 02/16/2017

by William S 01/26/2017