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by Andrew Z 09/25/2023

by Kelly C 09/25/2023

by Bryson M 09/24/2023

by Peter R 09/19/2023

by Jacob F 09/13/2023

by Daniel C 09/08/2023

by Chris G 09/07/2023

by Chris Gleed, Senior Project Manager, Baker Electric, Inc. 09/05/2023

I always enjoy Sean's courses. While certification and recertification can be heavy undertakings, Sean makes the subject matter digestible and enjoyable. Recommended for anybody certifying or recertifying.

by Dan W 08/28/2023

by Joan S 08/26/2023

by Jason Raybin 08/26/2023

I highly recommend this course to get an introduction into energy storage for those who are trying to obtain more knowledge or join this industry.

by Luke S 08/25/2023

by Matt A 08/23/2023

by Robert I 08/16/2023

by Matthew P 08/14/2023

by Brian B 08/13/2023

by Nicholas Y 08/13/2023

by Rachel W 08/10/2023

by DEBASHIS D 08/02/2023

by Walter M 08/01/2023

by Walter M 08/01/2023

by Giancarlo A 07/31/2023

by Walter M 07/27/2023

by Robin K 07/26/2023

by Baker M 07/25/2023

by Richard F 07/20/2023

by Richard F 07/18/2023

by Nathaniel (Nick) H 07/14/2023

by Richard Fry, Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC 07/13/2023

If you are wondering if this course is worth the cost, it is. You will walk away from this with 100% confidence in your knowledge base. I would not have passed my NABCEP pro and inspector without the courses from Sean and Bill

by Robert Casey W 07/10/2023

by Tom D 07/03/2023

by Gaillard Nolan, Principal Consultant, Business Analytics Consulting 07/02/2023

These guys are top knotch and tops in their field "There is no second place"!

by Tyler G 06/27/2023

by Daniel T 06/21/2023

by Stephen R 06/20/2023

by Harlan H 06/20/2023

by Lorne B 06/19/2023

by Harlan H 06/19/2023

by Harlan H 06/18/2023

by Lorne B 06/14/2023

by Josh G 06/10/2023

by Reyes R 06/10/2023

by Lee W 06/09/2023

by Andy O 06/08/2023

by Eric P 06/08/2023

by Stuart F 06/08/2023

by Stuart F 06/08/2023

by Stuart F 06/08/2023

by Eric P 06/07/2023

by Timothy K 06/07/2023

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