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by Benit P 09/20/2023

by Joseph Nkrumah 09/18/2023

i recommend it to all to join

by Jean-Pierre Clejan, CTO, GreenLogic LLC 09/17/2023

HeatSpring is delivering great training, both in terms of relevant content (I'm in the solar industry) and, top notch instructors - Bill Brooks and Shawn White are at the industry's leading edge, but still have the ability to explain things clearly and willing to take the time to share their knowledge and experience with others..

by yamil brull 09/13/2023

Direct to the point.

by Muhammad Mahad Qasim 09/11/2023


by Robert John Lopez 08/30/2023

I enjoy the course and it is help me to boost my knowledge regarding on NEC and more specidic as electrical practitioneer

by Tanner Smith 08/25/2023

Sean is a beast!

by Steve Johnson, Manager, AbleEasy, LLC 08/17/2023


by Kelly C 09/26/2023

by 보석 홍 09/26/2023

by Neal M 09/26/2023

by Austin P 09/25/2023

by Vivek S 09/23/2023

by Ronald M 09/22/2023

by Sean C 09/21/2023

by Armando G 09/20/2023

by Brandon W 09/19/2023

by Andrew H 09/18/2023

by Apirak P 09/18/2023

by Evan M 09/17/2023

by Kevin S 09/14/2023

by JOETHOM N 09/13/2023

by Harrison S 09/13/2023

by David P 09/11/2023

by Thomas S 09/10/2023

by LUIS C 09/10/2023

by Ariel Y 09/10/2023

by Jorge d 09/07/2023

by Muhammad S 09/07/2023

by Shannon M 09/07/2023

by Miguel G 09/04/2023

by Paul M 09/04/2023

by Girgis G 09/02/2023

by Kasey H 09/02/2023

by Junior G 09/01/2023

by Rian S 09/01/2023

by Aaron B 08/31/2023

by DAVID O 08/31/2023

by Muhammad A 08/30/2023

by Arsal A 08/30/2023

by Juan Jose E 08/29/2023

by Rob M 08/29/2023

by Shahroze Tayyeb H 08/28/2023

by gerber r 08/27/2023

by Eric R 08/25/2023

by Alex M 08/25/2023

by Christopher J 08/25/2023

by Blas O 08/25/2023

by Marvin C 08/25/2023

by Oswaldo B 08/25/2023

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