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by Gabe Von Wellsheim, Owner, Aloha Solar Power 08/30/2022

These videos help the Solar industry a lot. The more we learn, the more knowledge we can pass on to co-workers and customers. Glad I took this course.

by Derek Russell, PV Installer, Aurora Power & Design 04/10/2022

10/10 would recommend this to anyone

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 05/24/2023

If you're working in the solar industry and want to continue doing so, you'll need to change with the times just as the technology does. The best way is to update your internal software by taking Heatspring courses and reading Sean White's many excellent books on PV and the NEC. Highly recommend!

by Juan Facundo 03/24/2023

I was highly impressed with the setup and delivery of all the information, its just a lot of information. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into solar.

by Jeffrey Owens, Solar Division Manager, Air & Water Solutions 04/23/2021

First time taking an online course so I was a bit apprehensive. I now think it is actually a better format as it allows you to go at your own pace and to replay on demand.

by Clint Merritt, Owner, Driven Solar 11/17/2020

I took the NABCEP exam for the first time almost 3 years ago. It's a tough test and I was very new to the solar industry. Dr. Sean White and the team helped me pass the NABCEP exam then, and the continuing education courses today to help keep my NABCEP certification. Dr. White and his team are experienced on the solar and NEC side of everything so the courses and testing material are very 'real world' applicable to our design/installs. Thank you guys at HeatSprings for making these courses available.

by Nick Soleil 09/29/2020

This was a great review of the 2017 NEC!

by Kelly Marble, Commercial Project Manager, A&R Solar 03/07/2020

This course was a great refresher for NEC 2017 and a great way for me to study for the NABCEP PVIP exam. I'll definitely be taking the 2020 update course later this year.

by Joshua Hamsa 12/19/2019

In this course, Dr. Sean White presents an excellent look at the changes from the 2014 NEC to the 2017 NEC. He not only outlines the code changes, but also describes the "why" of the code. He also has an excellent sense of humor that really gives the course life. I definitely recommend this to anyone in the solar industry who's jurisdiction is about to adopt the 2017 NEC!

by Sam Kim 11/16/2019

This was a great course to get the new changes on the NEC 2017 updates. I took it right after taking the NABCEP prep class since I'll be taking the new updated NABCEP 2017. I like that you can review and go back to topics that you may have to reabsorb. Overall great class I feel way more comfortable with NEC.

by Candrix Ntobolo 10/23/2019

I would like to encourage all the electricians to consider to take this course for it has helped me a lot .

by Javier G 11/13/2023

by Matthew S 10/27/2023

by Daniel H 10/05/2023

by Andrew H 09/13/2023

by Devin B 07/31/2023

by Zachary V 06/28/2023

by Douglas L 06/23/2023

by Daniel T 06/21/2023

by Tilden H 06/16/2023

by Michael N 06/15/2023

by Chad G 06/14/2023

by Timothy K 06/06/2023

by Andrew R 06/06/2023

by Justin H 03/22/2023

by Dan H 01/20/2023

by Greg C 01/16/2023

by Mathieu F 01/10/2023

by Kelli P 12/28/2022

by Joe R 12/12/2022

by Mike V 11/26/2022

by Talon M 05/19/2022

by Glynn W 03/29/2022

by Sean G 03/23/2022

by Mike B 03/16/2022

by Swayam T 01/12/2022

by Edward J 12/31/2021

by Rex C 12/16/2021

by Justin B 12/08/2021

by Carlos L 11/10/2021

by Tim S 10/14/2021

by Christopher C 09/30/2021

by Terrance G 09/28/2021

by Timothy B 09/25/2021

by Bob T 08/21/2021

by Steven W 08/17/2021

by Nicholas A 08/03/2021

by Brad M 07/30/2021

by tyler m 07/27/2021

by Rocco T 07/04/2021

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