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by Art Krebs, CEO, Krebs Ventures LLC dba Construction Art 05/12/2022

Great course. A must take to keep up with new updates on Solar and Fire Code. Highly recommended.

by Scott H 05/18/2023

by Daniel Keiley, Consultant, ProSolarDan 05/06/2023

While studying the course work I had interactions with two solar clients. The issues they were having with installations taking place on their property were covered in the course material. Pure serendipity.

by Shariff Shakir 04/11/2023


by Andrew Houle 03/04/2023

Great information with true professionals! Loved the banter and fun slides sneaking in, made it easy to keep following along and not zone out or get bored. Great job

by Ramon (Reny) Ventura, Sr. Project Engineer 12/04/2022


by Apolonio Corona 07/10/2022

very informative and extremely useful information!

by Kaveh Kamooneh, COO, Better Tomorrow Solar, Inc 05/19/2022

by Michael Painter, Solar Designer, Firefly Solar 05/17/2022

Loved the jokes actually kept me engaged throughout the entire class.

by Robert R 06/01/2023

by Karl S 05/31/2023

by Alec D 05/23/2023

by Connor F 05/23/2023

by George D 05/20/2023

by Adrian B 05/15/2023

by Kelly F 05/14/2023

by Aeric W 05/09/2023

by Jonathan K 05/09/2023

by Eric C 05/07/2023

by Joe U 05/01/2023

by Clayton E 04/27/2023

by Adrian L 04/24/2023

by Jeanine A 04/20/2023

by Eric A 04/03/2023

by Mari M 03/27/2023

by Anthony T 03/22/2023

by Rob R 03/18/2023

by Tim M 03/07/2023

by Scott S 02/28/2023

by Dean B 02/14/2023

by Joseph B 02/11/2023

by Timothy E 02/01/2023

by Orlando L 01/31/2023

by Loraine J 01/16/2023

by Preston B 01/15/2023

by Sam K 01/12/2023

by Rob M 01/10/2023

by Brad S 01/10/2023

by TJ M 12/22/2022

by Adria W 12/10/2022

by Clinton S 12/07/2022

by Mike V 12/03/2022

by Nate R 11/04/2022

by Michael B 11/03/2022

by David G 11/03/2022

by Isaac G 11/02/2022

by Gerry B 10/26/2022

by Andrew H 10/18/2022

by Patrick R 08/21/2022

by Pat B 07/27/2022

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