NESEA: BuildingEnergy Masters Series

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) BuildingEnergy Masters Series is a web-based professional development curriculum for the renewable energy and high performance building industries. Courses are taught by industry experts with extensive experience who take a deep dive into a single area of building science. Students watch lecture videos, work though readings and homework problems, and complete technical, hands-on assignments. They emerge with an advanced understanding of the subject matter and a real-world capstone project to showcase what they've learned.



Deep Energy Retrofits

Spend ten weeks with Marc Rosenbaum learning the best strategies to fix the buildings we have. At the end of this course, you will generate a deep energy retrofit (DER) strategy for a building of your choice with the help of Marc and your classmates.

Passive House Design

Students who complete the course will design a Passive House, including key design decisions, using a simplified version of PHPP. Sample floor plans and a variety of design tools and calculators are included. AIA credits available.

Building Energy Analytics

Design and install an energy monitoring system. Collect and analyze the data. Create reports and troubleshoot based on real numbers. These are the foundational skills required to apply all building science to the real world.

Free Lecture: The Ins and Outs of Selecting Cold Climate Minisplit Heat Pumps

Learn the latest about heat pumps that can supply heat at temperatures as low as -15°F and how to understand ratings and manufacturers' data so you can confidently select the proper system.

Zero Net Energy Homes

This is a foundational NESEA experience – a chance to work with Marc Rosenbaum. He’ll teach you to do your own energy modeling and design a full Zero Net Energy Home. Successful students earn their ‘ZNEH Certificate’ plus AIA, BPI, GBCI and CSL credits.

Free Lecture: All About Windows

The thoughtful selection and application of windows is crucial in meeting the challenging Passive House Space Heat Demand criteria in cold climates. Learn the anatomy of a window, mechanisms that transfer heat through windows, and window design and applic

Free Lecture: Building Energy Analytics Case Study

In this lecture, Andy Shapiro will ask and answer questions relative to understanding how well a new, small, well insulated house is performing on energy use and temperature control: What do I want to know about this building (or subsystem)? What dat

Free Lecture: Understanding and Calculating Building Heat Loss to the Ground

Building heat loss to the ground is not as straightforward as heat loss to the outdoor air. As buildings become increasingly well insulated, understanding ground heat loss becomes more important.

Free Lecture: Passive vs. Conventional Floor Planning

If you don't floor plan properly, you will fail. In this 1-hour live lecture, Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group, describes how passive floor planning differs from conventional floor planning.

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