NESEA: Building Energy Masters Series

NESEA's Building Energy Masters Series is a web-based professional development curriculum for the renewable energy and high performance building industries. Courses are taught by industry experts with extensive experience who take a deep dive into a single area of building science. Students watch lecture videos, work though readings and homework problems, and complete technical, hands-on assignments. They emerge with an advanced understanding of the subject matter and a real-world capstone project to showcase what they've learned.



Zero Net Energy Homes

This is a foundational NESEA experience – a chance to work with Marc Rosenbaum. He’ll teach you to do your own energy modeling and design a full Zero Net Energy Home. Successful students earn their ‘ZNEH Certificate’ plus AIA, BPI, GBCI and CSL Credits.

Passive House Design

Students who complete the course will design a Passive House, including key design decisions, using a simplified version of PHPP. Sample floor plans and a variety of design tools and calculators are included. AIA credits available.

Commercial Building Enclosures That Work

10 Week Master Class on Commercial Building Enclosures with NESEA legend Terry Brennan. Learn to diagnose and fix problems with commercial buildings using data.

Institutionalizing Sustainability to Boost Profits and Performance

Study and work directly with Barbra Batshalom for ten weeks. This hands-on workshop provides tools and builds skills to implement and manage world-class sustainability programs.

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