BNP Media: CE Campus

Founded in 1926, BNP Media is a fourth-generation, family-run business. For the past 87 years, we've helped some of the best and brightest minds in our industry spread their expertise throughout the industry - the CE Campus Masters Series is our latest innovation along those lines Masters Series Courses are rigorous, online, with lots of interaction with the instructor. Our first offering is taught by John Siegenthaler, P.E. John's 10-week offering teaches advanced hydronic design through hands-on, applied exercises and one-on-one interaction with John himself. Our goal is to provide unprecedented access to the true experts in our industry.



Land Boundary Master Class

Seven-week master class with Point of Beginning's Jeff Lucas. This is the most comprehensive land boundary course available online.

Commercial Roofing Boot Camp

10-week master class with renowned industry executive and researcher, Dr. James Hoff. Learn the key principles of modern roofing as well as the best tools to put these principles into action - includes real-world capstone project.

Remediation Boot Camp

This is an advanced and comprehensive online remediation course for professionals. REMTEC, the Emerging Contaminants Summit, and Geosyntec's Rula Deeb have developed this course for professionals looking to go beyond traditional conferences and seminars.

Free Lecture: Radiant Cooling and Heating

By now you’ve heard the news! Millions of dollars now going into radiant cooling and heating and thermal comfort research. In this free 1-hour lecture, Robert will take you through the radiant design sequence he has used for 30 years.

Free Lecture: Cutting Through the Code Confusion for Roofing Professionals

This special lesson from Dr. Jim Hoff of Commercial Roofing Boot Camp cuts through the confusion of modern commercial building codes and provides you with straightforward and understandable approach to code-compliant roofing.

Free Lecture: Low Temperature Heat Emitter Options in Hydronic Systems

The future of hydronic heating is low water temperature, which is necessary to optimize the performance of modern heat sources such as condensing boilers, heat pumps, and solar thermal collectors.

Free Lecture: Achieving Hydraulic Separation in Hydronic Systems

Many hydronic systems have two or more circulators that will, at times, operate simultaneously. Without proper hydraulic separation, this could lead to interference between the circulators and unacceptable heat delivery.

Free Course: Integrating ASHRAE HVAC Standards

This free course is a recording of two webinars by Robert Bean on understanding and integrating ASHRAE standards on thermal comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality for HVAC and building design.

Free Lecture: Sustainable Roofing? There's an APP for That!

In this free lecture, Dr. Jim Hoff reviews roofing-related calculator apps available online at no charge and shows you how to use them.