Patrick Carey - GRP, Hadj Design

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With a background in architecture, Patrick established himself and his firm, Hadj Design, as early pioneers in green roof design. Through his design-build efforts, he has completed over 100 projects ranging from residential to commercial to institutional, and encompassing a wide variety of assembly types. He participated in the development of GRHC’s Green Roof Design 101, Green Roof Design & Installation 201, and Green Roof Waterproofing & Drainage 301 courses, with active involvement in the GRHC Research Committee. He has also designed several living walls of various functions such as air-remediation, food production, and aesthetics, both interior and exterior. Patrick’s work has been covered by print and broadcast media since 2002, and he is architecture editor for Hadj Design was the recipient of the 2011 Green Roof Award of Excellence in the Extensive Residential category.

Patrick Carey teaches:

Green Roof Professional (GRP) Accreditation Training

GRHC’s Green Roof Professional (GRP) is the most prestigious credential in the green roof industry. This course includes everything you need to take and pass the GRP Accreditation Exam.

Green Roof Plants and Growing Media

An overview of plants and growing media design considerations and maintenance for green roof assemblies. It establishes design and implementation best management practices for plants and growing media in green roofs.

Fundamentals of Green Roof Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Successful green roof projects require knowledge and expertise with respect to both the living and non-living components of these systems. This presentation provides an overview of green roof technologies, their benefits, and essential considerations.