John Manning - President, Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC

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John D. Manning, PE is founder and President Phoenix Energy Supply, a distributor of geothermal products and Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC (ESS), an engineering and consulting firm committed to reducing our collective environmental footprint. He has over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering and geothermal system installation and design. With six patents in heat pump design as well as three years as an installing contractor, Mr. Manning brings a unique perspective to system design. This perspective combined with a compassionate sensitivity to environmental impact has provided hundreds of opportunities to contribute to the overall success of geothermal projects from Port Augusta, Australia to Auburn, NY. These projects include hospitals, office buildings, academic facilities, dormitories, military housing, and low-income housing projects, as well as the first LEED 2.0 Gold rated facility, the Cambria PA DEP Office in Ebinsburg, PA. Prior to forming ESS, Mr. Manning gained his breadth of experience while working at Carrier Corporation, Beardsley Design Associates, Geotech and A&C Enercom, where he managed the 4,500 Commercial Energy Audit Program sponsored by Niagara Mohawk. As an instructor, Mr. Manning shares his professional experiences and the fact that this technology can be designed and installed cost-effectively and, more importantly, have a dramatic effect on our collective environmental footprint. Geothermal heat pumps have demonstrated the lowest life cycle costs and proven reliability, and thus have grown in acceptance even when viewed from a strict economic perspective. The possibility of creating a zero emission facility by coupling geothermal heat pumps with renewably generated electricity firmly establishes this technology as the technology of choice for the 21st Century.

John Manning teaches: