Jeffrey Bruce - FASLA, LEED, ASIC, GRP, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company

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Jeffrey Bruce, FASLA, LEED, ASIC, GRP, is owner of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company (JBC), a national landscape architectural firm. Founded in 1986, JBC provides highly specialized technical support to many of the nation’s leading architectural and landscape architectural firms on a wide variety of project profiles including engineered soils, green roof technologies, urban agronomy, performance sports turf, and irrigation engineering. Jeffrey has received over 60 separate design and leadership awards and his firm's projects have been published 85 times. He is licensed to practice in 20 states and is a board member of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

Jeffrey Bruce teaches:

Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites

A cutting edge and world-class professional development opportunity for those who are serious about pushing the boundaries of green buildings and sustainable water use. This course provides a technical and comprehensive look at achieving net zero water.

Introduction to Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites

This lecture examines the core concepts that comprise the Net Zero Water approach to system design – a critical component of the move towards truly sustainable buildings.