Dutch Dresser - Principal, Maine Energy Systems

Dr. Harry "Dutch" Dresser has been a lifelong innovator and change agent in business, education, and community affairs. Over his 26 year career at Gould Academy as Associate Headmaster, Dean of Academics, and Chief Information Officer, he created many new programs from cycle racing and ski patrol to programs in robotics, computer science, and celestial navigation.

Dutch spent 12 years in public service as a Selectman for the Town of Bethel; for 8 of those years, he was the Board's Chair. He has served in other capacities on public boards and now serves on the Western Maine Economic Development Council Board. For the past year, Dutch has been involved in the organization of Maine Energy Systems, LLC and now a principal and serves as one of its Directors.

Dutch Dresser teaches:

Thought Leaders Weigh In: MA Renewable Heat & Cooling Program

This free course includes six, 15-minute video presentations and slides from a Faze-1 and MassCEC about the future of the HVAC industry in Massachusetts.