Bruce Pittman

Mr. Bruce Pittman is the president of Profit Engineering Technologies, Senior Vice President & Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society, and is the Chief Systems Engineer for the NASA Space Portal. He has been involved in high technology product development, project management and system engineering for over 30 years. He spent 11 years working at the NASA Ames Research Center working on a number of flight projects including Pioneer Venus, IRAS, and several advanced studies programs. He has worked with NASA as a consultant on a number of projects including the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (2006-2007), High Speed Civil Transport (1997-1998), Program and Project Management Iniative (1988-1994), the Lunar/Mars program (1989-1991) and the Space Shuttle Processing (1987-1988). Mr. Pittman has also been a founder and member of the startup team in a number of early growth companies including SpaceHab, Kistler Aerospace, New Focus, Product Factory, Prometheus II Ltd., Industrial Sound.


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