Anthony S. Ababat,
C7 and C-10 License# 932764, A+, Network+, Ericsson/Digital L3 Certified
1449 Linville Lane Colton CA, USA 92324
Tel. No (909) 8217580


Continue to expand my knowledge and experience in Electrical, Digital Instrumentation/Electronics, Communications and Control System Engineering Industry.


• 20 years’ Experience in the field of Mathematics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Subjects.
Teaches 2 year and 4-year College in Various Universities and Technical schools.
• 10 years’ field experience in Power/High Voltage Systems, Digital Network, PLC, Solar/Photovoltaic,
Control Systems/Instrumentation, Fiber-optics, Electronics, Electricity, PC hardware/networking and
Telecommunications/Wireless Industry.
• Experience in the installation of Digital/HMI Controller units for Rubber, Paint and Water
Manufacturing Assembly.
• High Voltage and Low Voltage Contractor for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications.
• Experience in the Installation of Solar Panels for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications.
• Experienced in the installation, commission, integration, calibration and testing of Flow, Pressure and
Level Meters and various Control Instruments.
• Experienced in Electrical Design on Plans and Specifications in Compliance with NEC 2011 and 2014
using AutoCAD Electrical 2016.
• Experienced in Electrical and Electronics Circuit Design using Electronic Workbench, Mutism, OrCAD
and real world Wiring Installations.
• Experience in VOIP Telecomm configuration, testing and commissioning.
• Knowledgeable in Conduit bending and Piping using Hand/Manual and Machine Bender.