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Electrical Design Checklist

When performing electrical designs, there is almost always a stray load or detail that is overlooked due to a miscommunication between a worker and the electrical designer.


Over the course of 45 years, a list of these omissions has been developed to aid in the reduction of change orders during construction. This tool is an updated list for engineers and electrical contractors alike, written to keep change orders to a minimum and ensure a smooth design process.


This tool includes lists for: Lighting Plans, Device/Power Plans, Power Single-Lines, Fire Alarm, Signal Systems... and more!

About the Author

Lovorn kenneth.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Ken Lovorn, P.E.
President, Lovorn Engineering Associates

Ken has forty-five years of progressive design and engineering management experience with architect-engineers and consulting engineers designing electrical systems. As President of Lovorn Engineering Associates (LEA), Ken emphasizes the thorough evaluation of alternative design approaches and how to achieve equivalent compliance with the applicable Codes and...[more]

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This tool is used in HeatSpring's Electrical Design for Motors course.

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