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Mapping the Dynamic Solar Development Process

by Keith Cronin • Last updated 11/2022

Course description

This course, Mapping the Dynamic Solar Development Process, was recorded originally as a live workshop.

7 Things Keith will Teach You About Solar Development

The goal of this unique live workshop is to show you the whole process of creating a dynamic development process so you can make more money and be in control.

This is for people that are in residential, commercial, and utility scale development. A complete, end-to-end process that he's used for decades and have developed $100 million in business with this system.

The fact is, you can’t manage people. You have to manage a process. And you need a clearly defined system for those steps to succeed.

He will be covering this in the workshop by demonstrating the process. You’ll learn live on the call. He will be sharing his screen and showing you why you need to do this and what everyone on the team should be doing. Then you’ll know how to replicate this success.

Accountability will shift. Teammates will be happy. Misunderstandings will go away. And everyone will have a common language on how things get done.

Here’s what’s involved.

Ideas- how to think through everyone’s role and function in the group. What people should be doing and getting people to raise their hands to take on responsibilities.

Structure- how to have a consistent template for how a project gets done. No more one-off unicorns. Every day is an iteration of the previous days’ tasks.

Process- From origination to turning on the system, you’ll have a template to refer to. This template is completely editable for your company, region, and types of projects you do.

Delivery- whether you do residential, commercial, utility-scale, you’ll have a blueprint for consistent outcomes for your clients. Ad-hoc goes away. You now look polished and clients recognize the consistency.

Teams- if you’ve ever worked at a company that had little onboarding, you know how awkward it can be. This gets eliminated as you have a proven way to manage roles, functions, processes, accountability and timelines to get things done.

Finance- the development cycle is all about the speed of money. Residential sales are about monthly payments. Commercial & utility-scale about big incentives and depreciation. Your ability to execute faster than your competitor increases cashflow and throughput.

Profits- a dirty word? Hardly. The most difficult part of development is the actual development. That is where the money is made or lost in the execution of the work. Having a detailed screen for a development plan brings all of the potential surprises to the surface, before you ever agree to take on a project. Wouldn’t it be great to know, in advance, if it is a good idea to take on a client and know what to look out for, before you sign the contract?

These are the 7 things will be covered in this live workshop. You get to ask Keith questions during the screen share and call. You get a free copy of this development plan in a Google Sheets format. This means it is sharable with your team and can be updated live. One central point of truth for your development desires.

What is an investment of your time worth to learn something new? How about a proven template to use, right out of the box and bend it for your own needs?

Students get a copy of the development tool as well as the recorded training.

Whether you’re an engineer, electrician, developer, financier, site control specialist, permit expert, utility liaison, purchasing, attorney, you’ll learn something and be able to apply it immediately in your work.

Eliminate the frustrations and get everyone focused on mutually desired outcomes will change your life.

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Module 1 - Mapping the Dynamic Solar Development Process

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Keith Cronin

SunHedge LLC

Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his perspective, recruiting, coaching sessions and products. After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe. After his tenure with SunEdison, he founded SunHedge. SunHedge assists small... Learn more


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