Large Scale Solutions to Energy Storage


Instructor: Jay Dauenhauer

Subjects: Utilities: Energy Storage

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Jay Dauenhauer is the host the Energy Cast podcast and is a project manager at Duke Energy.

Jay has interviewed over 70 guests across all energy sectors. This course includes a 10 minute lecture on large scale solutions to energy storage along with 12 interview episodes of various large scale energy storage applications.

What quickly became apparent when profiling these guests is that you cannot have any meaningful conversation about renewable energy without energy storage. The conversation about energy storage really hasn’t included all the great storage technologies out there. It pretty much ends with lithium-ion batteries.

In this course you will learn about lithium-ion batteries, but you’ll see that energy storage is far more diverse than that.

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Always good to have more than one viewpoint on a subject and you will not get objectivity on energy from a lot of larger sources.

- Gary Monroe

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Jay Dauenhauer

CSM, PMP & Host, Energy Cast

Jay Dauenhauer, CSM, PMP, is a project manager based in Charlotte, NC. He currently serves as a PM developing transmission projects. For the past 7 years, Jay led water treatment and recycling projects for Oil & Gas operations. Jay's first foray in the energy sector was as a media analyst for TXU Energy during the $45B leveraged buyout of that utility in 2007. He...[more]

Course Outline

Large Scale Solutions to Energy Storage

  • Large Scale Solutions to Energy Storage (Video - 10:39 minutes)
  • Presentation Materials (Download .pptx)
  • Energy Cast Episode 2 | Cool Fuel Cells | FCET (22:41 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 12 | Stable Storage | Alevo (31:39 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 29 | Car Capacity | Nuvve Corp. (23:05 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 30 | Frozen Fuel | Ice Energy (27:02 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 39 | Cinematic Cells | SimpliPhi Power (25:11 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 43 | Fantastic Flywheels | Amber Kinetics (22:05 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 49 | Storage Supporters | Energy Storage Association (31:58 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 57 | Subterranean Storage | Apex CAES (29:35 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 60 | Biggest Battery | Dominion Energy (17:07 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 65 | Power Policy | NAYGN Conference (Live) (1:04:39 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 66 | Rapid Refueling | Plug Power (22:17 minutes) (Resource)
  • Energy Cast Episode 73 (Resource)

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