FREE TEST DRIVE: Solar Executive MBA


Length: 5 modules

Instructors: Chris LordKeith Cronin

Partner: High Performance Building Institute


This course is a free test drive of the Solar Executive MBA. The purpose of the test drive is to provide 1 hour of content from the full course a free tool and a quiz so that you can test your skill. The Solar Executive MBA will go much further in-depth. Here is the description for the Solar MBA class.

The Solar Executive MBA is technical, rigorous, and hard. It’s the most intense month-long course you’ll ever find, but also the most valuable. We developed it for leaders who are responsible for the financial details that drive solar projects. The course is taught by two instructors: Keith Cronin, who built and sold his solar installation business to SunEdison in 2007 - and Christopher Lord, a lawyer with deep banking experience who works with solar companies to find viable projects and investors for those projects. Graduates from the Solar MBA course will learn: 1) how to quickly run the numbers to value a solar project, 2) how to price the deal to win, without screwing up the project economics, and 3) how work with investors to build good relationships that lead to future opportunities. We’ll give you the model to price commercial solar PV projects, and all the legal documents and contracts you will need to finance a project. The Capstone Project for this course means working a deal from start to finish - financial modeling of a full commercial solar project.

Your Instructors


Chris Lord

CapIron, Inc.

Christopher J. Lord is a lawyer with deep banking experience, and the Managing Director of CapIron, Inc., a firm he founded in late 2011, to provide advisory and consulting services to customers, owners, developers, utilities, suppliers, installers and distributors covering the full range of value-add in renewable energy and energy efficiency. CapIron has provided...[more]


Keith Cronin

SunHedge LLC

Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant, speaker and founder of The Solar Business Blueprint, a life changing training program that assists business owners with the tools, resources and metrics needed to grow and manage their solar businesses. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his training, speeches, coaching sessions and products....[more]

Course Outline

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Get introduced to your instructors, learn how HeatSpring's online courses work, and introduce yourself.

Module 2 - Sample Lesson on Legal Structures

There are three main legal structures used to finance commercial solar projects. In the test drive, we'll provide a brief overview of the partnership flip.

Module 3 - Sample Lesson on Leverage

Leverage is a key concept to understand that can be used to increase the IRR's of potential projects. Understanding leverage is key to understanding if a project can be economical or not.

Module 4 - Sample Lesson on Credit Risk

Understanding credit risk is critical to an investor. There are 5 types of risk that need to be understood; PPA Customer Risk, Panel and Manufacture Risk, EPC Contractor Risk, O+M Company Risk, and Developer Risk

Module 6 - Get a Full Tour of the Solar MBA

The Solar MBA is a 6-week intensive solar finance training. Get a peek into the 12+ hours of video, all of the tools, reading assignments, homework, and resources that you'll get access to. This test drive is roughly 1% of the content of the full class. It does not include a) the full financial model b) the 11 legal contracts needed to finance projects c) 3 budgeting and sales tools that you can use to bid on projects d) access to the instructors. You can see below for screen shots and a tour of the full course.