Carbon Monoxide: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us


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Instructor: Andy Wahl

Subjects: Green Building: Sustainable Building

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Though we can't see or smell Carbon Monoxide, we know it can have damaging and even deadly effects on the health of human beings.

In this free lecture, Andy Wahl discusses the physical effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at both low and high levels, the everyday home appliances that emit CO and a few of the ineffective methods many homeowners use to rid their homes of CO.

Learning the signs and indicators of CO poisoning can protect you and your family against serious physical harm.

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Andy Wahl

CEO, AC Home Performance

Andy Wahl is a trained energy auditor, home performance tester and educator, and owner of AC Home Performance. AC Home Performance provides comprehensive analyses of Whole House Performance, using Building Science to make homes greener, increase inhabitant comfort, lower utility bills, reduce carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality and structure durability.

Course Outline

Watch Andy Wahl's Lecture: "What We Do Not Know Can Hurt Us"

Watch Andy Wahl's free lecture about the dangers of invisible, silent, odorless and deadly CO.

After The Course - Feedback and Additional Resources

In this module, you'll provide feedback on this lecture, request a certificate of completion, and learn about additional resources.

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