Achieve Profitability in Your Solar Company through Lean Optimization - Self Study


Author: Pamela Cargill

Subjects: Solar: Energy Finance, Solar: Marketing and Sales

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This free course is for new solar businesses or existing solar business owners who are looking for new techniques to help achieve profitability.

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and how to apply Lean principles to help weed out waste anywhere in their business from sales to operations to employee engagement. Lean is a framework used to evaluate what is and is not valuable to end customers. Lean can help business owners tailor their company to only serving and supporting that which is valuable to their target customers.

This is a great introduction to thinking about process improvement with the goal of achieving profitability and higher margins.

You instructor is Pamela Cargill, a specialist in process improvement and operational effectiveness in the residential solar sector with over 12 years of experience.

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Pamela Cargill

Principal, Chaolysti

Pamela Cargill, Principal of Chaolysti, specializes in process improvement and operational effectiveness in the residential solar sector. She has developed new programs and rapidly scaled some of the largest national brands in residential solar on the East Coast (Alteris Renewables- now Real Goods) and West Coast (Sungevity). Her decade of experience spans the entirety...[more]

Course Outline

Lean Project Management with Pam Cargill

Pam Cargill is an expert at residential solar project delivery and applies Lean Thinking, a people-and-process-centric methodology, to solar business operations. After this set of lessons, you will be able to apply some of the most effective methodologies used in industries as diverse as automotive and software development to improve the delivery of your projects and the operations of your company to make them as profitable as possible.

  • Seven Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method - Webinar Recording (1 hour) (Video - 01:01:34 hours)
  • Webinar Presentation Slides (Download .pdf)
  • What can sustainability professionals learn from Toyota's 'lean' process? (Resource)
  • Exercise: Value-Added vs. Non Value-Added (Download .docx)
  • Introduction to Critical Path Method (15 minutes) (Resource)
  • Exercise: Create a 'critical path' for your easy solar customers (Download .docx)