15 Things All Successful Companies Have in Common - Self Study


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Author: Tom Grandy

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This free lecture was recorded for contractors who own their business. It includes tips and ideas for improving the profitability of your company.

Did you ever wonder why some contractors seem to grow and prosper while others work just as hard but don't seem to get anywhere? Have you ever asked yourself “What are they doing that we aren't doing?” Here is your chance to find out! In this course, we'll review fifteen things that all successful companies have in common. You will go through a “checklist” to see how you are doing and will come away with all kinds of ideas to improve the profitability of your company.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to begin to put together a game plan for PROFITABLE growth.

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Tom Grandy

Founder, Grandy & Associates

Tom Grandy is the founder of Grandy & Associates. Tom is an industrial engineer by training, has worked as the general manager of a service company and was previously the Director of Company Development for Dial One franchise. Tom founded Grandy & Associates in 1987 to teach contractors how to run profitable businesses.

Course Outline

Lecture: 15 Things All Successful Companies Have in Common

In this module you'll listen to the one-hour lecture, download the presentation slides, and have the opportunity to discuss with fellow participants.

  • Presentation Slides: 15 Things All Successful Companies Have in Common (Download .pdf)
  • 15 Things All Successful Companies Have in Common (Video)
After The Course - Feedback and Additional Resources

In this module, you'll provide feedback on this lecture, request a certificate of completion, and learn about additional resources.

  • Introduction to HeatSpring (1 minute) (Video) preview
  • Learn more about Grandy & Associates, "Planning for Profit" (Video)
  • Join the Alumni Network: Add education to your LinkedIn profile in one click (Resource)
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey (Survey)
  • Consider Joining as a Founding Member (Resource)
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate (Certificate)

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